250+ Hebrew Company Names [Powerful & Unique]

Remember that a Hebrew company name needs to be distinctive, significant, and simple to say to be catchy. Also, you would like the name to convey the spirit and principles of your company. A good name is a must for every company, but finding one may be challenging. Strong teams, some financing, and an original idea are also essential.

It’s getting more and more difficult to develop the perfect name as English buzzwords and important terms run out. We have an additional language that we may utilize to create new identities, Hebrew, which is fortunate for nations that don’t understand English, like Israel. To make things easier we have made a list of several powerful biblical names for business along with their meaning and categorized them correctly.

Cool Names

Coming up with a name is as difficult as raising the standard of quality, hence you should spend quality time in search of a name that represents your work and standards. the above-mentioned is a list of Jewish names that can be taken under consideration.

  • Shema Co.

  • The Hesed Café.

  • Metzuyan Works.

Clever Names

The name for your company should be clever and stands with meaning, these Hebrew biblical business names listed below are some of our top searches and finds.

  • Nahash’s Nursery.

  • StavGrow.

  • Lev2Lev.

Godly Name for Business

For people very devoted to god we have listed some of the godliest names for their business that can be used. These are very unique names and hold great importance for a business.

  • Tipa

  • Tiplati

  • Yala

Heavenly Names

Have you thought about naming your business after something heavenly? People believe naming your work after something heavenly brings peace and blessing to your work.

  • Gardeners of Eden

  • The 12 Cleaners

  • Everlasting Laundry

Biblical Name

Give the same importance to the name as you give to the environment of the business. Choose the name that best specifies your work since it tells much about you and your work.

  • Little Beginnings Tea Shop

  • Peace Bible Store

  • Hope Candle Shop

Unique Names


Fancy phrase meaning “beam” or “ray of sunlight” that glows in the dark, similar to the system of the firm that enables users to effortlessly record and arrange data, rendering it accessible to everybody.


Meaning stories or the plurality form of “future,” and once you understand that, you do not even require the expertise of a soothsayer to understand that this organization specializes in creating predictive algorithms. They offer valuable statistics to insurance firms, making them more precise.


Whatever you might expect, Gaviti is a receivables collections administration system that assists businesses in collecting what they are owed.


Signifies “store” or “shop,” with the H sounding like “kh,” and they most likely added T since hanut.com had already been taken. Hanutt, on the other hand, is a purchasing search engine, a market price, and an online marketplace.


Also known as “achshav” or “akhshav” are both acceptable. ” Meaning “now” or “quickly.” To portray a feeling of urgency. These are some of the new creative names from the bible that are mentioned with their meaning.

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