250 Viking Last Names in 2024 [Cool, Badass & Funny]

Viking last name

I am sure that you are curious to know about the names of Vikings. If you ever heard the name Viking, the first thing that comes to your mind is the inquisitiveness to know about the history beyond this word. This is a word of modern language used for the people in an era of the late 8th to 11th century.

These people belong to Scandinavia, which is the subregion of Northern Europe, which has a strong cultural, historical background. In English, Scandinavia includes Norway, Sweden, Denmark, and a few islands. These people were active in businesses like trading. Despite dealings, they are also involved in piracy and raiding. They are warrior tribes who are famous as furious fighters in history. They travel along the sea and actually these Viking people are among those explorers who discover America. Viking people are famous for their bravery and strength.

The last names of these are given on the basis of their qualities such as courage, fighting skills, etc and some of them are Arne, Frodo, Bo, and Gorm. Viking family names are still popular.

Famous Viking Names

A list of some famous last names of the Viking family is:

  • Aland

  • Axal

  • Backe

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Occupation Names

  • Bell

  • Hall

  • Bonde

Male Viking Names

  • Alfson

  • Carlson

  • Ericson

Inspired from Nature

  • Berg

  • Aaberg

  • Bjerke

Female Viking Names

Here are some female Viking last names:

  • Astrid 

  • Bodil

  • Gro

The Viking women were almost housewives, who took care of their children and did house work. Some women of that period also did fabric work on clothes. Like modern women, Viking females also sought a partner. They had complete freedom to choose their partner. Some females of that period spent a lot of time sewing, weaving, making wool, and spinning yarn. They also help their husband in farming. Those women also have the right to divorce. When Arabic travellers visit these, they become surprised that women could divorce if the marriage does not work. 

At that time, the strong and wealthy woman could overshadow his husband and become queen. The most famous burial of the Viking age is of a queen which is buried in a large ship at Oseberg in Norway.

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In English history, some Norse invader who invented the last name for the Vikings family is given below. As these people don’t have family names thus they use surnames or last names:

  • Algar

  • Collings

  • Dowsing

The most famous name of Viking is Ragnar Lothbrok, who was the strongest warrior and he gained popularity across the whole world by the Viking TV show. He played a leading role in a popular drama.

Vikings are the most dangerous fighters and were impossible to defend from their attack but beyond the violence, they also set a cultural history. some people in Scandinavia are still living the same culture set by them. Today the king of this family is George Olafr Reydarson Hansen who worked for almost 20 years and establish “the permanent Vikings village Njardarheimr” which is opened in 2017.

The village is located in the magnificent Naeroyfjord. The design of the village is antique. This village is designed for those 40 groups who are regenerating the Viking tradition in Norway. The members of these groups are somewhere between 2000 to 4000. The kids of these families are learning crafts and other old traditions. The girls are learning fabrics or textiles and boys are becoming blacksmiths. They also open the village for tourists and other people and show off their clothes, swords, and cultural heritage and let people know about them.

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Viking last name meaning:

it was common for Vikings to give last names according to the qualities that they represent. If their character represents these qualities, then it makes sense to choose the last name of old Norse. The people of Scandinavia’s region are called Vikings or Norsemen. here are given last names with meanings

  • Axel means ‘kettle’

  • Backe means ‘beaker’

  • Bielke means ‘beam’

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Viking surnames listed in Ireland

The last names of Vikings in Ireland are of Norse origin. In Ireland, they came in almost 800s and established many countries. The Ireland name of the Vikings is given as:

  • Cotter

  • Dromgoole

  • Doyle

Badass Viking Names

 There are some badass last names of girls in the Viking families. The badass name usually reflects strength, courage, and flexibility. Here are some new badass names. These names include:

  • Diana

  • Dola

  • Dominique

Royalty Name

The king of the Viking family is known as chieftains. In their era, Vikings also have political leaders, which are many at the same time, and have leading roles. The Viking royalty names are described as follows:

  • Anger 

  • Auber

  • Aumont

In Norwegian

Norweighs surnames are very interesting as they are based on geographical area or landscape. They assigned names on the basis of origin, occupation, ancestor’s name, or geographical feature. Some of the amazing names are given as:

  • Hansen

  • Johnson

  • Olsen

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How do Vikings’ last names work?

In all of Scandinavia, a patronymic naming system is used. The family names are given by taking the first name from the father’s name and the last name by adding son, sen, and many others. With this system, the first name of the last generation was known.

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