500+ Fox Names in 2023 [Badass, Cute & Cool]

You feel lonely and you decided to get a fox as a pet or you want to get one for your child as a gift, once you have bought the pet and now you are thinking of giving it a name. Foxes are very pretty animals with fluffy tails. These foxes create a very strong bond with their owner in very little time. They are resembled by house dogs since their breed comes from the canine family. Yes and they behave the same as cats and dogs. Before you get a fox you might want to learn something about them, talking about their diet which must include different items like earthworms, grasshoppers, and also any other insect with high protein levels and also vegetables and dog food which should be bite-size.

fox name

Foxes are well known for their habit of staying active all the time and they need to exercise just as humans do and you shouldn’t let them free in the house but get a cage with a large running space in it and the cage should include stuff they can play with. A regular appointment with an animal caretaker is a must if you own a fox. But before you get a fox make sure you have gone through the laws of your country and what they say.

Talking about the breed of foxes

Beginning with Fennec fox which is small size fox with large ears and has a very less life span, this breed is loved by most people,

  • Grey fox is loved by its nature of being friendly and having a calm nature though they love to chew anything they love and start digging anywhere.
  • Silver foxes are also known as domestic animals and they are very rare to get and expensive too and they relate with dogs in many ways. 

Red Fox Names

red Fox names

Many want to name their pet something that sounds attractive and cool, you won’t compromise when naming your pet because the pet must be the closest thing to you. So you don’t need to worry about that since you have made your way to the right place, since we understand the importance of naming your pet something special. The name selected for the animal tells a lot about itself

  • Apple

  • Redford

  • Chestnut

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Female Name Ideas

People are very conscious about the meaning of the name of their pet, they want to name their pet something that carries a vast meaning so that it reflects the personality of your pet and it does have an influence on them. The list mentioned below contains many names with meanings that have a strong impression on everyone that hears it;

  • Arial, this name means “tiger of God”

  • Dakota, this name can be used for both of the male and female with a meaning of being “friendly”

  • Ava, the name may sound short but carries a strong meaning of being the life-giver

  • liza, this is cute as it sounds, with a meaning that “God is the origin

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White Fox Names

  • Ramon

  • Mia

  • Lenny

Male Name Ideas

So you got a male fox as a pet and you are confused with the name you have to give him, you want it to be attractive and carry a good meaning so that it can have a good impression on your pet right! Then you have made your way to the right place, the list below contains some of the top names;

  • Bantley, this name means to be very fast and it’s a unisex name so you can use it for both male and female

  • Dextar, this small name carries a meaning of being the smart one, you may want your pet to be the smartest one around

  • Rax, yes your pet is best amongst others which is why name it that way, this means The King 

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Badass names 

You love watching anime and other cartoons and you really love the names they use so why not name your pet one, this list contains names that we have collected from different anime and cartoons, do consider the list mentioned below;

  • Mr fox, this name sounds as accurate as it sounds, a character from one of the famous British detective movie

  • Foxie, fox names from one of the all-time favorite cartoons

  • Fox rox, early 90’s name used in one of the famous cartoons

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Baby Names 

You got yourself a cute little fox baby and now you are thinking of naming it? Don’t worry we have made you a list which includes many fox baby names that can be used for your pet, focus on the list mentioned below, 

  • Ariana, this name will make your fox baby sound cuter and also reminds of the singer Ariana Grande, such a cutie she is

  • Koko, we all love pet babies and chocolate too so why not relate them some way

  • Oreo, we all love cookies and they always look good so does our pet babies

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