80 Good Server Names of 2023 [Discord & Minecraft]

Good Server Names

Client-server architecture is a design used in the computing industry. A server can be in form of computer hardware or software which provides  services upon request to other programs or devices known as “clients.” Servers can provide a variety of functions, referred to as “services,” such as exchanging data or resources across several clients or conducting computations on behalf of a client.

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A game server (also known as a host) is a server that serves as the authoritative source of information in a multiplayer video game. The server sends enough information about its internal state to its linked clients so that they may keep track of their own correct version of the game world to show to players. They also receive and analyze the input of each participant. 

Discord Name Ideas

Discord is a popular gaming chat app. Choose one of these or combine them with additional words or game names to come up with a unique Discord server name. You can change your Discord server’s name by right-clicking the name at the left of the screen. Navigate to the overview section in the server setting menu. Change the name of the server in the ‘server name’ textbox and save your changes to make this modification, you must be the server’s owner or moderator.  Check out some possibilities below if you know how to modify the name of a discord server. 

  • The Room

  • Cool Zone

  • Gamegod Lounge

Minecraft Name Ideas

Minecraft is an online multiplayer game. Having a unique server name can help get more players to that server. 

  • Neptuna

  • Ariel

  • Ocky

FiveM Name Ideas

FiveM is a Grand Theft Auto V multiplayer mod architecture that allows you to play on customized dedicated servers. 


RP stands for role play and eclipse RP is one of the best roleplaying servers out there. 

Clever Name Ideas

  • Life_Of_The_party

  • Lifesaver

  • Saviour

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Cool Name Ideas

  • 007

  • Rain

  • Ice

Funny Name Ideas

  • Crap_bag

  • PrincessConsuelaBananaHammock

  • KenAdams

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Anime Name Ideas

  • Anime Soul (WLA) 

  • No Game No Life – Anime & Gaming. 

  • The Anime Discord (TAD) 

Ark Name Ideas

Ark survival evolved is a monster slayer online game allowing players to connect through a server and fight together. 

  • The Rage Reaction. 

  • Stranded Survivors. 

  • Always Skittish. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What makes a good server name? 

The server name should be unique, funny, and eye-catching. 

What is the function of the discord server name generator? 

These generators automatically generate an appropriate server name for discord. 

Reddit server names. 

Reddit has more than 100000 active server names. 

What are SMP Minecraft servers?

These are survival multiplayer servers for Minecraft.

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