450+ Biblical Business Names in 2023 [Christian & Hebrew]

Biblical Business Names

If you are a true believer and have an entrepreneur’s heart, then your thinking of opening a business can be a perfect idea. If you have no idea what business you wish to start or you just need to know how to start your business along with those Christian principles. There are some ways in which you can bring your religion and your business together. Just think of the items that really value you and how you can apply those with your work. It can be a general store that sells only things related to Christians or it can be a cafe or a restaurant that only plays the music or wording of Christians. 


When it comes to naming your Christian business make sure that the name you select sounds more like a Christian, 

  • Using references, using scriptures from the bible, and cooperating them with the business 
  • Using puns, use your sense of humor since it will be attracting more customers 

Biblical Name Ideas

Focusing on the religious items or services for your business does not mean that you should not focus on the marketing of the brand, having a Christian name for your business is a great pick for the church and other religious stores. Choosing the name of your business that is based on your faith will surely attract more customers. 

  • The beginning book store

  • Godship gift shop

  • Candle light shop

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  • Heavenly Hotcakes

  • Hallelujah Diner

  • In the Beginning Bookstore

Hebrew Names

Biblical Business Names 

  • Teva Travel

  • Bistro Laylah

  • Aviv Flavor

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In case you are struggling with coming up with a name for your photography business, the list below shows some of the amazing Christian business names that can be useful for you;

  • Holy photoshoot

  • Holy image photography

  • Glorious images

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Biblical Farm Business Names

If you are working on a wood crafting business and struggling with the selection of the name for your business then the below list might be helpful for you;

  • Eye woodworking

  • The fam wood work

  • Holy wood work

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