200+ Cool Norwegian Last Names [Unique & Badass]

People of Norway intend to name their generation according to their native language which reflects their origin, culture, and land. It is a lot tougher than is expected to choose a unique name for their baby girl or baby boy.

It is no more challenging as we have a solution for your problem. We have gone through every name list of Norwegian and compiled them according to their uses. The compilation is categorized into Norwegian first names and unique Norwegian surnames lists.

Beautiful Surnames

There is a whole list of beautiful Norwegian surnames that reflects nature and the beautiful surrounding around you. Most of them mean lakes, streams, or valleys which show purity and liveness. The surname should match the personality and if his or her personality is calm and humble then it will be a nice option.

  • Beito

  • Borger

  • Dahl

Badass Last Names 

Most parents want their boys to be brave and daring with strong iron-like personalities. So they even want that their whole name to be more like their boys with badass Norwegian last names, especially which mean powerful or brave.

  • Abawi – brave

  • Bailey – steward

  • Connor – lover of wolves

Norwegian 1800s Names

Back in times of 1800s people in Norway don’t have a set or list of surnames for their babies. They only name their children and Norwegian names in the 1800s also don’t have such a variety. The surname only consists of their father’s name with a suffix of either son or daughter. The list of Norwegian names 1800s includes:

  • Ingrid

  • Hedda

  • Tuva

Norway Surnames

There is an entire Norway surnames list compiled randomly just according to alphabetical order for the convenience of the users who are in search of surnames without any specific demand of surnames meaning which should match the personality or nature.

  • Rod

  • Melby

  • Sorli

Nordic last Names & Meanings

Nordic last names are the combination of more than three countries which include Denmark, Norway, and Sweden. The list we have compiled shows us the names with the meaning of the names. These names show three different cultures, traditions, and histories. Most people who have different backgrounds are mostly in favor of these nordic surnames. Nordic last names and its meaning are unique in comparison to only Norwegian surnames.

  • Nielsen – A patronymic surname meaning “son of Niels.”

  • Hansen – Son of Hans (Gift of God)

  • Pedersen/Peteresen – Son of Peter (Stone or Rock)

Try Old Norwegian Names

Unique Surnames


It results suggest a name that means “on the hilltop by the river” and designates a resident of the aforementioned location.


It is results suggest a name that means “on the hilltop by the river” and designates a resident of the aforementioned location.


This term is a synonym of “Beck,” which comes from the Medieval English “Bekke” or the Old Norse “back,” both of which denote “stream.”


It is a result of the several farmsteads named ‘Kalland’ or ‘Kaland’ in Norway. The term “Kalfaland” is an Old Norse combination of “kalfr,” which means “calf,” and “land,” which means “land.”


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