150+ Evil Japanese Names in 2023 [Badass & Dark]

When you get a pair of twins your excitement doubles. Selecting perfect names for your twins is a whole process. You need to keep in mind what sort of names you should opt for. Both parents have different mindsets and choices and both wish to name their duos with unique names. 

How to select evil Japanese names for your twins? 

Choosing evil Japanese names is not an easy task. You need to keep in mind that the name should not be very large or very small. Whosoever listens to evil Japanese names remains in shock for the first time. As they face difficulty in producing the name or are unaware of the accent. So go for easy and unique evil Japanese names.

Girl Japanese Names

Naming your female twins is very exciting. You choose various names from different books and then go for the one which suits your babies or rhymes together. Here are a few evil Japanese name girls that mean evil. 

  • Hakikewomoyōsu The meaning of this name Hakikewomoyōsu is a precious stone. 

  • BakuhatsuPoizunsouru The meaning of this name Bakuhatsu Poizun souru is Eagle. 

  • RokettoHimitsu The meaning of this evil Japanese name is RokettoHimitsu’s great happiness. 

Boy Names

As you all know twins mean double the happiness, double the blessing. Always select those names that are synchronizing with one another. When you name the twins you usually call them together so keep the names that you can pronounce in one go without any stammering. Here I have mentioned some exciting and amazing evil Japanese names from which couples can easily decide what they want to name them. 

  • Makino The meaning of this evil Japanese name Makino is the strength of God. 

  • YokoNagai The meaning of this evil Japanese name YokoNagai is rock. 

  • HoriuchiKimoto The meaning of this evil boy’s Japanese name HoriuchiKimoto is happiness. 

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Spirit Name Ideas

Matching names always look good. The rhyming names of twins show an amazing connection among the kids. As you all know the first and foremost thing everyone asks about you is the name. So keeping a name that represents your identity is very necessary. As you all know names leave a greater impact on your personality. Here are a few evil Japanese names that can give you great ideas. 

  • Miyazato MichinagaIkeda The meaning of this evil Japanese name Miyazato MichinagaIkeda is classic. 

  • Ryuichi Tani You Sumisu The meaning of this evil Japanese name Ryuichi Tani You Sumisu is dignity

  • Mazoku

Demon Names

When parents choose names for their twins they usually go for the ones that have great meaning. In Japan, most people name their kids whose meaning is either hope or faith. Always go for realistic names because, in the long run, your kids are going to represent personality with their names. So, here are a few of the cool evil Japanese names which you can surely opt for your twins. 

  • Fujitsu KimeraIyana The meaning of this cool evil Japanese name Fujitsu KimeraIyana is wisdom. 

  • Arashi Area Fantomu The meaning of this evil Japanese name Arashi AreaFantomu is an expression. 

  • Jaakuna ariFureta The meaning of this evil Japanese name Jaakuna ariFureta is a flower. 

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Weapon Name Ideas

Rhyming names for twins look so cool and classy. Parents name their twins cool badass Japanese names so they can stand out. Although it may be a controversial choice, it’s the parents who choose it for their duos. 

  • Aisutabā ShēdoAisutabā The meaning of this cool badass Japanese name Aisutabā ShēdoAisutabā is cherished. 

  • TatsumakiAku no Kōrudo The meaning of this evil japanese name TatsumakiAku no Kōrudo is divine aurora. 

  • Aku no RokettoAkuma The meaning of this evil japanese name Aku no RokettoAkuma is nature. 

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