Lele Pons Friends Names in 2023 [Find Out]

Popular YouTuber and American-Venezuelan dual citizen Lele Pons. She is also well-known as a creator of music of many forms, including singles, EPs, musical films, etc. Nevertheless, this person’s journey to fame was catalyzed by their ability to create comedic clips. Sadly, many of Lele Pons’s longtime supporters have abandoned her.

Nonetheless, she has recently gained new pals, one of them being her current BFF Hannah Astonishing. In addition to her close buddy Hannah, Lele Pons counts Anitta, Diane Maux, Adam Waheed, Omar Jibawi, and numerous others among her circle of pals. Lele Pons does not have a close buddy in her life right now.

However, in the past, her closest companion was a woman called Amanda Cerny. They were the closest of friends while she was Lele Pons’s fellow Viner. And people are very interested to know the lele pons friends name list

Lele Pons and Amanda Cerny referred to each other as their BFF. Both parties have stopped communicating with one another. This tragic element has a rationale behind it. Amanda Cerny said that the reason she and Lele Pons are no longer best friends is because of Pons. She is the individual who lied to and abandoned her pal, Amanda Cerny.

Amanda Cerny said in an appearance that Lele Pons had access to both her smartphone and Ig account. Making use of the situation, Lele removed all of Amanda’s Twitter posts. She also deleted her original Once video. In this written passage you will get all of the lele pons and her friend’s names. 

Friends list of Lele Pons 2023

  • Anwar jibwai
  • Anitta
  • Diana maux
  • Adam waheed
  • Hannah montanha
  • Amanda cerny
  • Inanna
  • Twan kuyper
  • Guayaana
  • La voz
  • Anna maronese

After Lele joined Vine and got famous because of her funny content, she began to collaborate with other well-known funny content creators and started working together hence making a strong friendship bond with many of them. Over the period some friends got on their way and some new friends came in but some of them always remained mutual. 

Are Inanna and Lele Pons Friends?

Canadian actress/director/YouTube star/singer Inanna Sarkis. Her relationship with Lele Pons was tight. Lele, Inanna, and Hannah Stockings also worked closely together to produce material for Vine. Lele Pons and Inanna Sarkis are no longer pals.

A disagreement occurred previously between Hannah Halter and Inanna Parsa. After Inanna was angered by Lele Pons’s decision to sympathize with Hannah Halter in the fight, she dropped out of the triumvirate. Thus you won’t find lele pons girlfriends’ names correctly on the web. 

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Who is Lele Pons related to?

Pons’ mother, Maria Maronesse, is the cousin of Chayanne’s spouse, Marilisa Maronesse, also known as Pons’ mother. Dora Cabrera, the granddaughter of Marilisa and Yosef, has been often seen in recent seasons in photos posted on social media with her aunt.

What is the relation between Lele pons and Hannah stocking?

Lele Pons’s best friends’ name, or BFF, Amanda Cerny went away in November of 2016. Following that, she formed a trio with other online internet stars Inanna Sarkis and Hannah Stockings. Owing to intrinsic interpersonal damages amongst some of the three, Inanna Parikh subsequently departed as well. Lele Pons exclusively has Hannah Stocking as a contact right now.

What’s worse, Lele now considers her dear and trusted colleague. Twan Kuyper, Sarah Stocking’s partner, cheated on her with a 14-year-old girl in February 2021. The couple’s connection is now completely wrecked because of this revelation. Lele Pons was there for Hannah when times were bad, and she credits Lele for helping her get back on her feet emotionally.

What is Lele Pon’s dating life?

Twan Kuyper is a well-known performer and YouTuber. He dated Hannah Stocking, a good girlfriend of Lele Pons. Many of Twan Kuyper’s followers incorrectly assumed that Lele Pons was Twan’s fiancée since she featured in many of Twan’s humorous Internet clips. No love feelings exist between Lele Pons and Twan Kuyper. So they approached me about creating videos on Facebook. True story: she’s seeing Guaynaa, a musician.

What did Lele Pons do to her friend?

In 2017, Pons and girl closest buddy and colleague Vine celebrity Amanda Cerny publicly split up. Amanda claimed to the scandal website the Dirty that Pons had regularly been stealing Cerny’s smartphone and deleting the most talked-about posts.

Pons has refused to comment on Cerny’s accusations. We don’t want to remark on it, therefore we haven’t in the past,” Shami explains. Lele seems to have taken Hannah’s position in whatever quarrel there may have been between Goddess and Hannah.

How much does Lele Pons make a year?

It is anticipated that in 2021, Lele Pons makes approximately $15,000 per day through her Facebook stream, for a total of $5.5 million annually. There are already more than 4 billion video downloads on her account, and she is adding 7,000 fresh members every single day.

Even though Lele Pons is one of the cool teens on Vines, she was far from the top of the social food chain back in her middle campus days. The teenage Venezuelan immigrant had difficulty learning English and claims she was tormented often while attending school in Florida due to her “communally uncomfortable” personality.

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