250+ Mannequin Names in 2023 【Funny, Cool & Creative】

Its human psyche finds everything of this universe with different names. It makes it easy memories and differentiates from other things. Naming everything shows human love with things like pets, cars,  fashion even mannequins. It is a human-size doll (in different cases) that is used by different professionals. Basically, the mannequin is a French word used to describe “a jointed model for an artist,” “a little man,” or a “figurine.” It can be used for several things. It’s your choice what kind of mannequin name your business requires.

Mannequin Names

Here you can find a variety of mannequins name lists.

Hairstyles Names 

These are names for professional’s hairdressers and hairstylists.

  • Bobby- For fragile bobbing mannequin head

  • Baddie Baldie- A bald-headed but very-attractive mannequin

  • Becky- It’s about Good Hair Beyonce

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Cute Names 

You can add these names to your every fashion and business.

  • Angelita- A mannequin with angel-like features

  • Blossom- The smallest mannequin for the cutest style ever

  • BarbieCakes- Flashy-looking mannequin

Medical Names 

These names are medical dummies just for fun.

  • Adrena-Lina – A mannequin for high blood pressure

  • Bony-ta – A mannequin for very bony structure

  • Bloody Mary- A mannequin covered with fake blood

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Funny Names 

Such names are just for making fun with that thing you like or love very much.

  • Beanple- A super skinny mannequin

  • Bubble Butt- A mannequin with a funny-looking butt

  • Bust Bun-Buns- A female mannequin with a very curvy body

Safety Names 

When you are teaching about safety precautions in a school, home, office, or at some workplace you attach safety mannequin names that make your work more interesting.

  • Bob-D-Builder- A dummy named Bob is used to explain safety ethics in o workplace 2.

  • Carly Careless- A dummy used for disorderly manners in the workplace

  • Diligent Diana- A dummy which how to stay safe working in the workplace

Final Words 

Most people use simple and old business techniques. But some people use their clever mind in selecting a funny name which attracts the maximum customers. If you are really interested in finding some interesting name for your business, then you are at the right place. Here you will find all kinds of best names which suit your business the most. So the above-given lists are the top suggestions which we find for you to create some fun elements. You can also comment on us with your best option.

Leslie Chang

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