100+ Minecraft Sword Names 【Badass & Funny】

Minecraft Sword Names

We have compiled a list of Minecraft Sword Names that can help you choose the best one for you. These names also include funny Minecraft sword names reddit, Minecraft axe names, and famous sword names. Some of these nicknames like Stormbringer, Shadowstrike, and Soulcleaver will help you select the most suitable one that fits what you are looking for. Below is the list for you to check out:

Sword names in Minecraft give your arsenal a unique, personal touch. Players can give their sword names any meaning they like, from “Blade of Justice” to “Soulreaper,” reflecting strength, style, or even humor. The gaming experience is improved, and battles are more interesting thanks to these original names.

Simple Minecraft Sword Names 

Ironstrike, Steelblade, Stonebreaker, Woodenwield, Swiftslash, Sharpedge, Emeraldcleaver, Goldengash, Diamondstrike, Woodenwarrior, Ironbrand, Stonestrike, Swiftslice, Rusticslash, and Durableblade are a few examples of straightforward names for swords in Minecraft. These names serve as a simple and effective naming strategy by reflecting the fundamental materials required to create Minecraft swords.

  • Diamondstrike
  • Woodenwarrior

Funny Minecraft Sword Names 


Slapstick Slasher, Ticklish Tickler, Silly Slicer, Whimsical Whacker, Prankster’s Pummeler, Chuckleblade, Comedic Cutter, Gigglestrike, Hilarious Hack, Quirky Quasher, and Jokester’s Joust are some amusing names for Minecraft swords. These humorous names give your collection of Minecraft swords a whimsical and cheerful edge, making your excursions more enjoyable.

  • Gigglestrike
  • Comedic Cutter
  • Chuckleblade

New Minecraft Sword Names

These are few examples of new names for swords in Minecraft.

  • Jester’s Justice
  • Tickle Tamer

Best Minecraft Sword Names

These legendary sword names resonate with power and adventure.

  • Soulreaper
  • Aetherstrike

Can I Rename My Minecraft Sword?

You can give your Minecraft blade a new name, yes. The sword should go in the first slot of the anvil, and the charmed book with the required name should go in the second slot. This gives you the option to give your blade a name that suits you.

How Many Characters Can I Use When Naming a Minecraft Sword?

You may name a weapon in Minecraft with up to 35 characters. Letters, numerals, spaces, and symbols are all included in this. Keep in mind that some interfaces may truncate lengthier names. Therefore, to ensure that your sword’s name displays correctly in the game, keep it under the character restriction.

Can I Change the Name Of a Minecraft Sword After Renaming It?

No, renaming a Minecraft blade makes the new name permanent. Once a sword has been given a new name, it cannot be changed. You’ll need to get a new sword and repeat the renaming procedure if you want to give it a different name. Pick your sword name wisely!

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