100+ Offensive Private Story Name Ideas [+Videos]

Snapchat is a messaging and personal networking software wherein users may share stories, connect with new individuals, and perhaps meet up in real life or just remain in touch with their existing social circle while gaining the attention of the app’s millions of daily users. Snapchat subscribers may activate the private story feature at no extra cost and then build tales that can only be seen by a chosen group of friends.

Snapchatters may choose an audience of close pals, relatives, or coworkers before publishing a story to the app. This facilitates their ability to show a movie or picture just to reliable contacts. In this article, you will find over two hundred and fifty fresh concepts for naming your private stories.

Our team has come up with some original and fresh concepts for your Snapchat exclusive tale names, and you may modify them to make them your own. The article includes all the inappropriate private story names you may like for your stories.

Humourful Names

If you are a Snapchat user then you must be very good at humor, jokes that involve humor are always the best so are the private story names. The names are based on very sensitive topics and may hurt someone’s feelings as well but after all, that is what humor is known as. Below is a list of private dark humor story names.

  • Pretty Energy

  • Whoaml?

  • Self Destruct

Inappropriate Names

Naming your private story after something inappropriate can be a good choice, whether it is any of the dialogue from a movie scene or any character name. It all depends on your creativity with the phrase, but don’t worry we got you covered. Below is the list of the most used story names according to Reddit.

  • Snake enjoys smiling on the same day as another guy.

  • Legends of my life FruStroy Play Deeper

Dark Humour Names


It’s really common for us to act all prim and proper while meaning something completely different. We do not doubt that you have experienced anything similar. If that’s the case, you’ll probably be looking for some recommendations for really unpleasant tales.

A deliberately insulting joke, so that nobody takes it seriously. Well, to save you some time, we’ve come up with some crude yet amusing suggestions for funny republican private story names.

  • Lost & Found

  • Christmas Isn’t Coming Slow

Tiktok Names

It’s simple to broadcast private videos whose titles include insults on TikTok. Yes, it’s because nobody cares what you think of them. It’s also because coming up with obscene titles for tales might give you a sense of being finally heard and understood.

You should also be aware of the following: researchers have shown that persons who are unfazed by lousy tale themes are more likely to report a high level of trust and happiness. Here are some ideas for titles for your TikTok secret tales. I hope you’ll use these as a jumping-off point for your version. You may, however, steal one of the preceding and use them without even trying to come up with your own. Here is a list of story names from TikTok.

  • Cracktivities

  • Gangster Wears Parada

What is an SC private story?

Snapchat gives users the ability to publish their tales with a limited group of their closest pals via the use of private experiences. Whenever the tale is posted with everybody on your contacts list, it takes on a new dimension that is distinct from the standard version.

Members of Snapchat, merely like consumers of Instagram, can publish their stories with only a restricted group of other Snapchat members.

Try Inappropriate Camper Names

Does SC say if you SS a Story?

Users will get a notification from Snapchat whenever a snapshot is captured of their images, videos, conversations, or narratives. When another user captures a snapshot of a user’s picture, movie, chat discussion, or stories on Snapchat, the subscriber will get a notification from Snapchat.

What are the story names for males?


Don’t most men like getting their hands filthy occasionally? No, we’re not sexist or anything. Men, however, have been shown to often engage in the practice of playing hooky. Most guys choose to maintain their terrible names for the sole purpose of preventing their friends from accidentally mispronouncing them.

In our opinion, this is the case, however, there are alternative possibilities. However the case may be, you’ve likely landed on our page in search of obscene names for men’s private stories.

  • Same Day Different Guy

  • Snake Loves to Smile

  • FruStroy of my life

Can you change private story names?

Viewers will need to hit the biographical button a second time, next click the configuration button represented by three horizontal crosses, and then pick “Tale preferences” to make changes to a personal story. They will be allowed to change the description of the tale, remove pictures, and add pals to it from that location.

What does 👀 mean on Snapchat Story?

According to Snapchat’s explanation, the emoji depicting two eyes looking at each other is the Rewatch Signal, and it appears underneath Stories when one or multiple followers have rewatched the same story. Viewers will additionally see a figure beside the emoticon.

This number, instead of the overall amount of hits the Stories has gotten, would indicate the number of pals who have rewatched the Stories.

Is private Snapchat a thing?

You have the option of making your Snapchat account private, limiting its visibility to just those users who have been authorized to see it. You also have the option of keeping your Snapchat stories personal, so you can choose who of your friends may access them.

If you just want to share a piece of material with a subset of your subscribers rather than with a whole lot of them, this is a beneficial option to have.

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