150+ Old Norwegian Names [Male & Female]

Even in today’s time, some parents prefer old names for their babies because to them the names at their time were more classic and decent. Most parents don’t prefer cool names which according to them are against their culture and ethics.

They consider these modern names to be disrespectful as these names have lost the originality and essence o their land and people. For parents with this mindset, we have made a compilation of the classical old names along with their meanings and periods of their originate.

Old Male Names 

For the convenience of the users, we have arranged the old Norwegian names of males according to alphabetical order and according to the period meaning chronological method.

The names back then were quite simple as they involve only the native language of Norway with simple meanings as compared to the modern Norwegian names.

  • Amalie – work

  • Astrid – beloved god

  • Britta – exalted one

Old Female Names

Not only male but we have also arranged the old names of females according to the same pattern as we designed for males.

Back in time most of the names for females were not complicated as the purpose was to show the delicate nature of the females relating them to the purity of nature and the essence of flowers.

  • Irun

  • Irunn

  • Isabel

Old Norse Names & Meanings

The Old Norse names and their meanings that predominated in Scandinavian and Viking history range from robust, hardy, and powerful to delicate, exquisite, and beautiful. With the belief that their offspring would possess the same qualities, character, or personality as the people whose names they bear, parents frequently choose to name their children after a departed hero or relative. It was required to give the infant the name of the relative who passed away while the child was still in the womb.

  • Aasta – Love

  • Adalbjorg – Noble defense.

  • Adalward – the heroic protector.

Viking Warrior Names for Male

As we know that names reflect half of our personality so parents desired wish to have boys with a brave and strong mindsets. Most of them believed that names with positive meanings will have a positive effect on their babies so they suggest Viking warrior names of males for their babies. On other hand, it sounds cool to have such names.

  • Arne: eagle.

  • Birger: keeper.

  • Bjørn: bear.

Rare Viking Names 

Rare Viking names are compiled according to the use and choice of the name on the site along with the ratings to make it easier for the parents to choose the name among the list of 100+ Viking names online.

Most people or parents are in search of names that are not very common in society for them it is the best choice.

  • Harald: Meaning “lord and ruler”.

  • Njal: Meaning “giant”.

  • Ødger: Meaning “wealthy spear”.

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Celtic Viking Names

These Celtic Viking’s names originate in Ireland, Scotland, Wales, England, and northern Spain. Celtic names might be difficult to pronounce and spell. While some, like Erin, are reasonably common, others are more unusual. Several Celtic names for boys and females are also popular. Parents with a background in Scotland, Wales, England, or Spain intend to use them for their babies.

  • Blaine

  • Braden

  • Brianna

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