250 Sad Playlist Names in 2023 [Aesthetic, Trendy & Funny]

Sad Playlist Names 

Since you have compiled all of your favorite sad songs and now you are looking for some good names for your sad playlist so that you can share it with your friends. Every music lover looks after creating a playlist for himself and their friends for some sad nights, travel diaries, hanging out, and long drives, or just for me time. Creating a playlist and managing it is a responsible duty plus an art. But after you have compiled it you may be in search of some unique name that would complete your playlist.

After all this effort you have done for your playlist you don’t want to name it something that is just normal or silly but something that describes your work that tells a lot about your list, in this article you will get to know every name that can suit your playlist and may sound appropriate, naming your list is essential because it sums up the effort you have done and comprises it. The names you are looking for should be different from others and unique in every way. 

Spotify Playlist Names

Sometimes there are moments in your life that make you remember someone or something that was close to you and attached to you mentally and it makes you emotional whenever you remember it. If you have made a list of you’re sad songs and are searching for a name then you have made your way to the right place, list below includes some names that you can use for your playlist;

  • Broken ones

  • Heartless

  • The lost soul

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AESTHETIC Sad Playlist Names

Looking for some aesthetic names for your sad playlist? We got you covered, we understand how much it takes to compile songs for your playlist  especially if it’s a unique one, and for a unique playlist you may search for a unique name, the list below shows some of the most unique names that can be used for your playlist;

  • Sad afternoons

  • Pinch sounds

  • Night you wish for

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Creative Playlist Name Ideas

Looking for some unique names that would suit your unique collection of playlists? Then you landed at the right place, here in this list we have got some unique names for your sad playlist and more to consider the list below;

  • A second chance

  • I wanted more

  • Her flaws

Funny Playlist Names

These are the simplest names that can be used for your sad playlist, if you are not hyped about your playlist names then these are the best names to be used, consider the mentioned list below;

  • I want her back

  • I have changed

  • I can’t recover 

Tips and tricks for selecting a name

Before we go ahead I would like to share some tips and tricks that would help you come up with a unique name for your playlist, first of all, decide what is the genre of your playlist or what mood are those songs based on exactly.

  • Try analyzing that exact thing or person you remember while listening to those songs whether it’s a person or anything else. What theme exactly does your playlist belong to?
  • Try visualizing these things and after you have made a list of a number of names you think may suit your playlist then after that start narrowing down the list,
  • Also that while creating a name you think of using any person name that mostly you remembers while listening to the songs,
  • You can make the use of the name in different ways possible, using of rhyming words and indirectly using the person name can work too.
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