500+ Scentsy Party Names 2023 [Funny & Creative]

Scentsy Party Names

Scentsy is an Idaho-based international company that is well known for selling candles. Being a really successful business this company has reported annual revenue of 450$ million in less than four years. The company is running under the CEOs named Heidi and Orville Thompson. The company ran so successfully that it made its way to America’s 50 top businesses. The company was bought by these couples and they raised it from nowhere and by 2005 they shifted the company to Idaho and soon made their company the top successful running business in America. 

If you are interested in Scentsy international company and thinking of assembling a team and arranging events then you have made your way to the right place. This article includes some of the best names that you can use for your events and secondly provides tips and tricks for hosting the event.

Spring Name Ideas

  • Funky Fest Aroma

  • In Like A Lion And Out Like A Lamb

  • Spring at Heart

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Winter Name Ideas

  • The Hibernation Celebration

  • Scent of Winter Wonderland

  • The Frozen Scent of Winter Party

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Summer Name Ideas

  • The Sunshine Of My Life

  • Good Clean Fragrance

  • A Slice of Summer

Christmas Name Ideas

  • Mistletoe & Margaritas

  • Snow Ball

  • Cocktails & Candy Canes

UNIQUE Name Ideas

So you are done with making the team and now looking for a name to give it? Then you have arrived at the correct article. The list below shows some of the most unique names you can get;

  • Witched candles

  • Make it lit

  • Raised profits


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All set for the party. But can’t give it any good name? Don’t worry since we have gathered some of the names that can be used for the launch party, consider the list below;

  • Sky scent

  • Victory essence

  • Blow the candles

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